Game of War Fire Age Cheats & Hacks – 100 BILLION GOLD

Game Of War Fire Age Cheats

Game of War Fire Age Cheats is a tool that gives you free unlimited resources like Gold, Stone, Ore, Silver, Wood, Food. Isn’t be great thing if you could add these resources in less than 3 minutes? With our Game of
War Fire Age Cheats you can do it very fast and easy.


game of war fire age

Game Of War Fire Age Hack

Game of War Fire Age Hack is developed by player for… players. That’s why we know what is important for you in this amazing game, because we are playing too! After 6 weeks of programing and testing this Game of War Fire Age Hack, we decided to give it away to community.


game of war fire age hack



Game Of War Cheats

As we mentioned before with this Game of War Cheats  you are able to get up to 100 billion gold and 10k other resources at one time. You can make it multiple by using Game of War Cheats couple of times. There is no limit for use of hack. So if you want, lets say 50k Food you need to add 5 times 10.000 food. We’ve tested over 50 accounts and not even single got banned, so you are under radar – don’t worry.


game of war cheats



Game Of War Hack

Game of War Hack is using special glitch on server game side to add all cheats. For obvious reasons we can’t share the details, but we can assure you we have 2 different methods to fool Game of War Fire Age
servers, so if first will get patched, we’ll switch with update to another one. And this is special feature which our competitors can’t guarantee. Our Game of War Hack will be updated every time something will
change on Game of War servers.


game of war fire age cheats



We have two versions of this hack for iOS (iphone,tablets) and Android devices. Both versions no required jailbreak or root. You need to download specific .apk or .ipa file on your smartphone or tablet and follow

Do not believe in all these game of war redeem codes sites that offer codes – they all are fake!


game of war hack




  • limitless stone
  • limitless gold
  • unlimited ore
  • unlimited silver
  • limitless food
  • unlimited wood
  • remove in-app ads
  • undetectable proxy



Windows version:

  • run Game of War Game (on Android, iOS or Bluestacks)
  • download and run Game of War Hack  v2.11
  • connect your phone with cable to computer
  • choose Android or iOS
  • Click on “connect”
  • In Cheats area select number resources you want to add
  • Click on “patch”
  • Wait aprox. 30 sec
  • restart the game!



game of war fire age cheats iphone


game of war fire age hack no survey



Android or iOS (ipads, tablets, iphones) version:

  • download Game of War Fire Age Cheats v2.11 to your device
  • click “install”
  • Game of War Fire Age Hack will pop-up
  • select resources
  • click “patch” button
  • wait 60sec
  • restart game!


game of war cheats

game of war hack


game of war cheats android


game of war hack tool